CBD Healing Co. has become a brand name in retail that consumers have learned to trust. With their CBD+Essential Oil blends of CBD rich products, they have earned the title (Champion) when it comes to purity, consistency and potency. 

All of our customers are aware that until NOW, you could not purchase our products on-line, nor purchase our products with a debit or credit card. 

The NEW website is a milestone for this brand, in the sense that NOW CBD Healing essential oil blend of products can be purchased on-line, and shipped directly to your doorstep NOW. 

This also signifies another milestone for consumers entering the retail setting. NOW you can use your debit and or credit cards to purchase the products. 

We appreciate each of our many customers, and believe you will benefit from ordering on-line, and from free (Local) deliveries that will be offered to certain areas of Kansas, after you purchase a product on-line. 

Check back by November 1st, 2019 to see the NEW on-line store.