Ezra is a happy, healthy and flourishing child today. He is the CEO of CBD Healing Co, Inc of Kansas. 

Ezra Enjoys board games with family and friends, jumping on the trampoline, hiking and anything outdoors in nature...Especially when it comes to learning about the beneficial oils contained in plants from all over the world...

Check out the story in the video below, covered by KSNT on February 1st, 2019 at 10:00 pm. 

About Us  

CBD Healing Co, Inc. was introduced to the industrial HEMP market in 2015 after the owners child contracted a blood born infection that nearly took his life. Ezra was born 28 weeks gestational-premature in Boulder, Colorado on March 13th, 2014. After spending two months in the NICU, the parents received a telephone call from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The call was one that no parent should ever receive! The hospital advised the parents that their son had contracted two viruses, and he was not going to survive. It was then the parents decided to experiment internally and topically with CBD+essential oils from truly organic sources in Colorado &  Utah. 

Three days after the parents began the CBD+essential oil (terpene rich) profile topics and tinctures, their child Ezra was removed from his feeding tube, and began breast-feeding. Soon thereafter, Ezra was removed from oxygen and able to resume normal lung functions. 

The parents continued the CBD+essential oil products for the next six months after discharge from the same hospital that said Ezra would not make it through the night, and to see the birth of CBD Healing Company. Six months after Ezra was discharged home from the NICU, he was up to normal weight, which was unheard of.

Today, Ezra is a healthy, happy, flourishing child that has beat the odds with CBD+essential oils. The parents believe that these CBD special blend products are what saved Ezra's life but, that is their opinion.  

The family took their Organic, Proprietary cannabis blends, Rich in CBD+essential oils, and formulated the most powerful, beneficial, broad-spectrum CBD product profile loaded with cannabinoids from industrial HEMP, RICH in CBD, and other minor-cannabinoids, powerful Terpenes, and they created the purest CBD+essential oil product line on the market.